This list of bills has been introduced during the 2023 legislative session by Democrat lawmakers in the Connecticut House and Senate

 Election Integrity 

HJ 12 - Grants Illegal immigrants the right to vote

HB 5702 - Allows Inmates to Vote

HB 5704 - Mandatory Voting ---- With Fines if you don't Vote

SB 244 - Politically motivated bill that strips voting rights from certain groups, but not others

HJ 19 - Lowers voting age to 16

 Property Rights 

SB 909 - “Right to Housing” for undocumented immigrants

HB 6593 - Removes Local Control of Zoning

HB 6109 - Prevents landlords from using background checks

SB 138 - Strips away property rights from landlords

 Parental Rights 

HB 5480 - Allows children to be vaccinated without parental consent

HB 6396 - Excludes parents from providing input when they disagree with topics taught in schools

 Medical Freedom 

SB 96 - Forced organ donation of helmetless motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes

SB 39 - Automatically makes drivers organ donors


HB 5422 -  Create a wealth tax

HB 5653 - Ammunition tax

HB 5657 - 5 percent surcharge on capital gains

HB 5662 - Increase the corporation business tax

HB 5661 - Statewide property tax on commercial & residential property

SB 774 - Increase marginal tax rates, enact capital gains surcharge

SB 776 - Enact statewide property tax on certain residential properties


HB 6491 - Pushes the replacement of gas stoves

HB 5323 - HUSKY health benefits for illegal immigrants

SB 818 - Forms a reparations task force

HB 5520 - Hiring more tax enforcement agents to increase audits of citizens

SB 229 - Pays workers unemployment after they choose to go on strike



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