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This list of bills has been introduced during the 2024 legislative session by Democrat lawmakers in the Connecticut House and Senate 

Public Safety

HB 5324 - Makes Connecticut less safe by restricting the state's police officers from stopping drivers for violations, including taillight and headlamp infractions, license plate infractions, registration infractions and tinted windows. Police often use these violations as a way of establishing probable cause to pull over a vehicle and begin an investigation into a more serious crime.


HB 5057 - Removes a section of statute that states “drive-only” driver's licenses must indicate on the back that they are not meant to be used for voting. These licenses were originally designed to say "drive-only" and were given out to illegal aliens and other people and there are serious concerns the legislation will increase voting fraud.


HB 5166 - Mandates employers to include sick days for employees, no matter the size of the company or the cost involved, yet another unfunded mandate inflicted on our business community.

HB 5164 - Allows striking employees to access unemployment benefits after a period of two consecutive weeks of striking.

SB 221 - Eliminates the tipped minimum wage, which threatens the restaurant industry that was already hobbled by government shutdowns and pandemic policies that crippled customer traffic. Increasing worker-related costs for businesses at a time when they can least afford it.

SB 414 - Would create an additional layer of bureaucracy and cost to taxpayers by directing all state offices to hire Diversity, Equity and Inclusion directors.


HB 5004 (“The Green Monster”) - Forces a Net-Zero Green House Gas (GHG) economy by 2050, requires PURA to initiate a docket to determine how the state can phase out natural gas and requires each state agency to consider GHG reduction goals when issuing certain transportation or electric related permits, license or administrative approval.  

HB 5485 - Creates a "roadmap" that steers Connecticut to a mandate that forces residents to purchase an electric vehicle and could end with Connecticut using California's radical emissions standards 

HB 5215 - Would ban the sales of single-use "nip" alcohol bottles, reducing consumer choice and hampering our local package stores.

SB 193 - Calls for Connecticut's Constitution to be amended in the name of "environmental rights," but in reality, it would give state government an unnecessarily broad overreach of power.


SB 207 - Allows a housing authority to expand jurisdiction to include other towns and cities. Allows them to purchase ‘affordable’ housing units in the state. This bill would allow the housing authority to use the affordable housing appeals process to circumvent local zoning approval and build affordable housing in a town that rejected it.

HB 5242 - Restricts a landlord’s ability to deny a prospective tenant’s rental application based on a prior felony conviction by creating a process to appeal application denials. Denial of an application based on misdemeanor convictions would be barred, making it nearly impossible for a landlord to deny criminals from moving into their properties.

SB 143 - This bill from legislative Democrats would flip the landlord-tenant relationship on its head by establishing a general right for a tenant to remain in a rental unit after the tenant's lease expires.

Education / Children

HB 5416 - Reduces the number of crisis response drills conducted in Connecticut schools, making our children less prepared should tragedy strike.

HB 5420 - Raises the age required for paying child support to 21 at a time when everyday costs are soaring for parents.

HB 5417 - States that local or regional Board of Education will provide a reason if boards remove or restrict access to any library material belonging to the school library or media center. No board will remove or restrict access to library material for a number of reasons that include content material is related to sexual "health" and addresses physical, mental, emotional or social dimensions of human sexuality including but not limited to puberty, sex and relationships.

SB 125 - The bill language erases "expectant mother" and replaces it with "pregnant person," and "his or her" is removed and replaced with "such alleged genetic parent's child." The word "women" is replaced with "pregnant parents."

HB 5371 - Bill requires the Department of Social Services to study the costs and benefits of expanding HUSKY Health benefits to all uninsured state residents under the age of 19, regardless of income or immigration status, effectively providing illegal immigrants with taxpayer-funded health insurance. The cost to taxpayers would be enormous.