House Republicans Call for Judiciary Committee Public Hearing on Amendment to CT Practice Book Bail Provision

Posted on May 19, 2023


HARTFORD—House Republicans on Friday called for the legislature’s Judiciary Committee to hold a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the Connecticut Practice Book regulation that specifies the percentage of police or court-set bond an individual must pay to free themselves from jail while their criminal cases are pending.

On May 8, the Rules Committee of the Superior Court held a public hearing on an amendment to CT Practice Book section 38-8 (Ten Percent Cash Bail) that would increase the

Cheeseman, Nuccio Discuss State Finances in Podcast Conversation

Posted on May 17, 2023


Reps. Holly Cheeseman and Tammy Nuccio, Ranking Members of the Finance and Appropriations committees, talked about elements of the House Republican budget proposal as well as the state’s bipartisan fiscal guardrails during a recent episode of the Y CT Matters podcast from Yankee Institute.

Candelora, Callahan Raise Alarm Over Proposed Cash Bail Amendment

Posted on May 4, 2023

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailHARTFORD—Members of the House Republican caucus are raising concern about a proposed amendment to the CT Practice Book that would shift thresholds in the state’s cash bail system and make it easier for individuals facing serious criminal charges to get out of jail while their court cases are pending.

The proposed amendment CT Practice Book section 38-8 (Ten Percent Cash Bail) would increase the maximum limit of bonds that can be posted through the court clerk’s office to $50,000 from $20,000 while

Candelora, Kelly & Environment Committee Republicans Criticize Democrat Plan to Make Heating Oil and Gasoline More Expensive

Posted on March 22, 2023


House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora (R-North Branford) and Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford), and Republican lawmakers on the Environment Committee today released the following statement raising concerns about the Governor’s bill slated to be voted on this week which will make home heating oil and gasoline more expensive and resembles “TCI on steroids.”

“Two years ago, Republicans defeated the governor’s push for the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) which increased

House Republicans, CT Businesses Decry Highway Use Tax on Trucks

Posted on March 8, 2023


HARTFORD—House Republicans on Wednesday joined a diverse group of business owners in talking about the negative impact the state’s highway use tax on trucks will have on Connecticut’s economy and encouraged others to testify Friday on legislation to eliminate it.  

“The far-reaching implications of the highway use tax on trucks should not be underestimated, and I have little doubt that Connecticut residents will soon feel the ripple effect in their own budgets if they haven’t already,” House Republican

House Republicans Petition for Public Hearing on Eliminating Highway Use Tax

Posted on February 22, 2023

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailHARTFORD—House Republicans have used a parliamentary procedure to circumvent Democrat opposition to a bill that would save inflation-weary businesses and residents money by eliminating the new highway use tax (HUT) on heavyweight trucks.

Republicans petitioned to raise H.B. 5290, An Act Eliminating the Highway Use Tax, after the Finance Committee’s Democratic leadership refused to even hear it. Republicans on Tuesday secured the required 51 petition signatures to force a public hearing on the bill.

House Republicans Offer Proposals Aimed at Growing Law Enforcement Ranks and Improving Public Safety

Posted on January 25, 2023

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailHARTFORD — On a day when the House of Representatives will vote on pay raises for Connecticut State Police, House Republicans insist the legislature must do more to help retain police officers statewide and recruit more women and men into the field of law enforcement.

“Today’s contract is a step toward growing a state police force suffering from declining numbers over the last several years—but it’s only a first step,” said House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora (R-86.) “The job that follows today’s

House Republicans Unveil Cannabis Safety Proposals

Posted on January 24, 2023

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailHARTFORD—House Republicans on Tuesday unveiled caucus proposals aimed at creating a safer environment surrounding the recreational use and retail sale of cannabis.

“When it comes to our state’s fledgling cannabis marketplace, the umbrella message emanating from the Governor’s office is, unfortunately, one of shining positivity that in our opinion is at odds with the concerns of not just many residents, but also state mental health and addiction professionals who spend a lot of energy warning us all—and

House GOP Leader Candelora Response to Gov. Lamont Announcement on Pass-Through Entity Tax Credit

Posted on January 18, 2023


HARTFORD—House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora on Wednesday issued the following response to Gov. Lamont’s proposal to restore the pass-through entity tax credit to 93.01 percent:

“It’s good news that Governor Lamont continues to show that he’s on board with the tax relief Republicans are pursuing, in this case correcting a tax hike on businesses that was included in the budget he and legislative Democrats put into action in 2019. It’s my hope that the combination of his proposal and our caucus

House Minority Leader Candelora Statement on the Passing of State Rep. Quentin Williams

Posted on January 5, 2023

FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailHARTFORD — House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora on Thursday issued the following statement on behalf of the House Republican caucus in response to the tragic passing of State Representative Quentin Williams:

“Our hearts are with the family and friends of State Representative Quentin Williams, and our House Democratic colleagues and staff who today find themselves grieving this unimaginable loss. Representative Williams was a young, emerging leader who deftly balanced forward-looking thoughtfulness