Rep. Ackert (R-8) Summarizes the November 2022 Special Legislative Session

Posted on November 29, 2022


(HARTFORD) — On Monday, November 28th, Rep. Tim Ackert (R-8) joined the House General Assembly as they convened for a Special Session to discuss timely legislative issues including Home Heating Assistance, extending the Gas Tax Holiday, and expanding access to the COVID-19 Hero’s Pay Program.

More specifically, House Bill 6001 consisted of additional legislative concerns including extending free public bus fares, exempting label requirements for new bottles and cans subject to the 5-cent bottle deposit fee, and strengthened the distribution of funding to Operation Fuel and its customers.

During debate, Rep. Ackert voiced support for two amendments: one pertaining to a permanent solution for the Gas Tax Holiday, while the other proposed more transparency for the agencies who provide funding for the Low-Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

“Why not entertain long-term solutions for long-term issues?”, said Rep. Ackert. “We have a great opportunity to provide permanent solutions and more predictability on both the Gas Tax Holiday and to the agencies who distribute LIHEAP funding.”

Of three amendments proposed, all of them failed to pass with the necessary bipartisan support, despite their long-term benefits as Rep. Ackert noted. “House Amendment A proposed extending the Gas Tax Holiday to the end of the fiscal year where it could be adequately evaluated to reflect changing economic trends. In House Amendment C, we pressed for assuring heating cost assistance to low-income families, while allowing agencies to accept more applications for assistance with the necessary financial confidence.”

Rep. Ackert and other Republican representatives found little support for the proposed amendments, as all three failed to pass a roll call vote. Although the final version of H.B. 6001 did not completely reflect Republican interests, House Bill 6001 passed with a 134-7 bipartisan vote, marking an end to the Special Legislative Session.

For questions or concerns about this, or other legislative issues, please contact Rep. Tim Ackert at or call (860) 240-8700.