Rep. Ackert Hails Grant Awarded by AT&T to Coventry Academy

Posted on September 13, 2018 by jpheasant


COVENTRY – The Coventry Board of Education has been awarded a $10,000 contribution from AT&T to support vocational training stipends to students at Coventry Academy.

Coventry Academy’s alternative education program offers support for students seeking a non-traditional, non-college track post-high school. Vocational training is a major component at Coventry Academy.

“I’d like to thank AT&T for approaching me and for supporting students at Coventry Academy who have chosen to take a vocational path,” Rep. Ackert said. “This grant will allow our students to continue their growth and development in the technical related fields.”

“As we explore opportunities to support students who require a less traditional path to experience success at the high school level, the funding from AT&T will afford our district a means to further enhance this work. Through the vocational training component at Coventry Academy, students will now have the assistance needed as they work to attain their goals. As a district we are fortunate to have the backing of AT&T to support our students.” said Dr. David Petrone, Superintendent of Coventry Schools.

“AT&T aims to identify organizations that are making real differences in the lives of local students and families, and this organization is a prime example,” said Abby Jewett, Regional Vice President AT&T Connecticut. “The vocational program at Coventry Academy is an impactful resource for Connecticut’s youth, and we are very proud to offer our support to help them reach more local students.”

The AT&T contribution will support several small stipends for students in the Coventry Academy vocational training program, as well as cover transportation and other materials.

The twenty students in the Coventry Academy program have an academic schedule that is customized to meet their individual needs. Their academic programming includes consistent support, which includes measures that ensure they are successful and develop the tools necessary to work toward independence. There is also a focus on team cohesion that includes team-building opportunities throughout the year.

State Representative Tim Ackert represents the 8th General Assembly district towns of Columbia, Coventry, Tolland, and Vernon.


(Photo): State Representative Tim Ackert (center),  Abby Jewett, Regional Vice President AT&T Connecticut (fourth from right), and David Petrone Superintendent of Coventry Schools (far right), stand alongside students in the Coventry Academy vocational program.

Rep. Ackert Congratulates Children on Reading Achievement

Posted on September 6, 2018 by jpheasant


COVENTRY – State Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) and Children’s Librarian Meg Schiebel of the Booth Dimock Memorial Library recognized ten children who have recently completed the ‘1,000 Books Before Kindergarten’ program.

“It is extremely important to get children involved in reading at an early age because it promotes a desire to continue reading as they get older,” Rep. Ackert said. “Completing this challenge is incredibly impressive, I don’t think I’ve gotten to 1,000 books quite yet,” Ackert joked.

The goal is to engage families in their child’s pre-K education, and help them grow the necessary skills to succeed once they enter school. With every new book read, parents helped the children keep track of their progress by logging their books, either by paper or via a mobile app. After completing every 100 books, journals are then brought to the library where the child is awarded a sticker.

At Tuesday night’s ceremony, students who participated in the program each received a certificate from both the Representative and the library, in addition to a new book titled ‘I Wish You More.’

If you or someone you know is interested in signing up their child or grandchild for this program, please visit the Booth and Dimock Memorial Library’s link here.

State Representative Tim Ackert and Children’s Librarian Meg Schiebel present Olivia Bellantoni with certificates for completing the ‘1,000 Books Before Kindergarten’ program.

Rep. Ackert Appointed to Crumbling Foundations Working Group

Posted on September 4, 2018 by jpheasant


HARTFORD – State Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) has recently been chosen to join a legislative Working Group to Develop a Model Quality Control Plan for Quarries and to Study the Workforce of Contractors Repairing and Replacing Crumbling Concrete Foundation.

“Being appointed to this working group will allow me to continue my ongoing efforts to help support those families and businesses that have been devastated and will be devastated by a crumbling foundation,” Rep. Ackert said.

Representative Ackert was appointed to the group by House Republican Leader Themis Klarides on August 16th. The eight person group will consist of three House Democrats, three Senate Democrats, one House Republican and one Senate Republican.

State Representative Tim Ackert represents the 8th General Assembly district towns of Columbia, Coventry, Tolland, and Vernon.

Rep. Ackert Talks Preservation and Conservation on Tour of Coventry Lake

Posted on August 30, 2018 by jpheasant


COVENTRY – In conjunction with Connecticut’s Lake Awareness Week and Coventry’s Lake Awareness Month, State Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) spent an evening on a guided boat tour in an effort to better serve those who watch over the 8th District’s largest lake.

The purpose of the tour was to not only help raise awareness to the protection of the local lakes and natural resources, but also for Rep. Ackert to touch base with resident volunteers and those taking care of the area in order to see how he could continue advocating on their behalf.

“As someone who enjoys kayaking and fishing, we are extremely fortunate that within the 8th District there are places like Coventry Lake where residents and visitors can also enjoy a vast array of outdoor related activities,” Rep. Ackert said.


Staying Safe During Extreme Heat

Posted on August 6, 2018 by jpheasant


With the increase in temperatures the National Weather Service issuing a heat advisory for the entire state, below are several ways to stay cool and safe during these warmer temperatures.

During extreme heat, the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and Department of Public Health (DPH) recommend the following:

  1. Find air conditioning.
  • If your home does not have an A/C it is recommended you go to a shopping mall or public library.
  1. Go outside when its coolest.
  • Limit your outdoor activity to the morning and evening.
  1. Avoid strenuous activities.
  2. Wear light clothing and use sunscreen.
  • Use a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.
  1. Check on family members and neighbors.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids.
  • It is recommended that you drink between 16-32oz./hr.  depending on the level of exercise and watch for heat cramps – exhaustion – stroke
  1. Check on family members and neighbors.
  2. Never leave people or pets in a closed car.
  • When the outside temperature is 80°
    • After 10 minutes the inside temp of a vehicle reaches 99°
    • After 20 minutes the inside temp of a vehicle reaches 109°
    • After 30 minutes the inside temp of a vehicle reaches 114°
    • After 60 minutes the inside temp of a vehicle reaches 123°


Paving Project – Route 31 Coventry

Posted on August 3, 2018 by jpheasant


The Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced they will be conducting a paving project on Route 31 in Coventry. Paving will start at the intersection of Rt. 275 and move up to Rt. 44.

The work is scheduled to take place on Monday, August 6th and is expected to take about a week to complete.

The regular work schedule for this project is 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday).

Motorists can expect lane closures on Route 31 in Coventry from US 44 to Route 275. Traffic control personnel and signing patterns will be utilized to guide motorists through the work zone.

Motorists should be aware that modifications or extensions to this schedule may become necessary due to unforeseen conditions. Motorists should also be advised to maintain a safe speed when driving in this vicinity.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or by calling (800) 240-8700. You can also follow my legislative activity on my website at