Ackert Testifies in Support of Reduced Mandates and Student Trade Programs

Posted on March 16, 2023


(HARTFORD) — On Wednesday, State Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) joined the Education Committee to testify in support of two key bills that serve to fill more Connecticut jobs and reduce unnecessary mandates on school administrators. As Ranking Member of the Labor and Public Employees Committee, Ackert provided a valuable perspective on how both S.B. 1197 “An Act Concerning Workforce Development” and H.B. 6882 “An Act Concerning Mandate Relief” could promptly achieve these goals.

In raised Senate Bill 1197, the bill aims to create certain educational programs that range from aviation studies to other skilled trades, which will directly serve to satisfy the increasing demand for trade employees we currently are experiencing in our state. These academic programs would be funded through a state grant as outlined in the bill’s language.

Proposed House Bill 6882, initially raised by Rep. Ackert, serves to compliment S.B. 1197 through establishing a task force to review unnecessary mandates on school administrators and staff members, easing pressure on our educators. If enacted, this bill would require the task force to review education-related legislation every two years to locate obsolete and duplicative mandates, either replacing or eliminating them to improve efficiency and relieve our administrators of needless responsibilities.

“It’s time we close the job gap in Connecticut,” said Rep. Ackert on S.B. 1197. “If we can start getting these young folks apprenticeships and internships at the high school level, we can encourage students to seek stable career opportunities in trades, health care, engineering, aerospace, and so much more.”

“I raised this bill because all too often as legislators we hear ‘Stop mandating stuff!’ from our administrators,” added Rep. Ackert on H.B. 6882. “This will call us to collaborate with superintendents and educators on providing the necessary support and relief they deserve, especially following their dedication to our students throughout the pandemic.”

For the full video of Rep. Ackert’s testimony, please visit the link HERE:

If you have any questions about this, or any other state issue, please never hesitate to reach out to Rep. Ackert at or at 800-842-1423.