Ackert Stands Up to ‘Street Takeovers’ – HB 5413

Posted on March 21, 2024


(HARTFORD) — On Thursday, State Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) testified in strong support of amending House Bill 5413, “An Act Concerning the Illegal Use of Certain Vehicles and Street Takeovers. In his testimony before the Judiciary Committee, he demands inserting language that classifies organizing street takeovers as a Class D Felony for the first offense, and a Class C Felony for any repeating offenses.

Last summer, the town of Tolland was one among many municipalities that was subjected to a ‘street takeover’, or an incident involving multiple vehicles (many off-road) traveling through busy streets and neighborhoods at high speeds or recklessly.

“Street takeovers are an example of dangerous lawlessness,” said Ackert in his testimony. “I join my Republican colleagues in proposing a smart solution to the rising risks of street takeovers across our state. Together, we can once again secure our streets and communities for all residents, families, and especially our children.”

For a clip of the testimony, please see the video above. For more information on this or any state issue, please contact Tim at or at 860-240-8700. Don’t forget to sign up for Tim’s email updates on our homepage and follow him on Facebook.