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Opinion by Rep. Rob Sampson

Posted on December 4, 2018 by admin


Election Day is finally behind us. Thank you to the voters of Connecticut’s 16th Senate District for putting their faith in me to represent their interests in our state government. I am excited to begin this new journey in the senate and am humbled by the amazing show of support from the towns I represent. I will strive to continue to serve with honor and dignity. Thank you for placing your trust in me once again.

Thank you also to the amazing people that supported me and helped with the campaign, especially those that have been there since the beginning. I promise never to forget where I come from, the principles I stand for and what’s most important in life. For me, that is our individual health and happiness, and our respective freedom and opportunity for success.

I believe I was re-elected because I have been clear and outspoken in my positions and goals, and because of my strong opposition to the policies that have harmed our economy, enlarged our debt and hindered job creation. I am pleased by the support our community had for my message of fixing the economy now and protecting and preserving our American identity from the threat of big government, socialism, and identity politics.

Sadly, the results across Connecticut didn’t play out in our favor and we will now have to stand as a beacon of hope for how we are to take back our state, improve our economy, and create a better future. I promise to stand firm as the first wall of defense in the State Senate and will do everything in my power to protect our towns from education cuts, from tax hikes, from crime in our inner cities, and from irresponsible government debt that threatens our future.

How our new Governor chooses to resolve the deficit will be the first major issue to tackle this upcoming legislative session.  Will he raise taxes like his predecessor?  Will he reduce municipal aid and drive up our local taxes?  Or will he finally begin to rein in spending and adopt policies to grow Connecticut’s business opportunities and jobs?  I will offer my support and guidance to the new administration but will in all cases put the best interests of my constituents and our state first.

I promise to remain a steadfast voice for a different and better direction. I will propose bills to improve our business environment, eliminate wasteful spending and taxes and make our state an attractive place to live, work, and retire again. I will support legislation that will reverse our current economic decline by restoring respect for hard work, for American ingenuity, and by actively supporting job creators in our state. I will fight for common sense budgeting, responsible leadership, and work hard to protect our freedoms.

I will stand for the American principles of limited government and individual liberty. I will protect your individual right to live your life the way you see fit and defend the constitutional rights of all Connecticut’s citizens. Fighting identity politics was a central theme of my campaign. I will not support policies that benefit one group over another, pit people against each other, or exploit the needs of anyone for political purposes. The people of our state deserve better.

Thank you for placing your trust in me once again. No one should be forced to leave our state because of the decisions made in our state government. Like you, this is my home and I will work hard to make it better.

The next legislative session begins in January and I will be using the next few weeks to put together a list of bills for consideration. If you have an issue that concerns you, don’t hesitate to give me a call or email me at the Capitol. 860-240-8700 /