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Reps. Tami Zawistowski and Scott Storms Present Wartime Service Medals


Windsor Locks – Representatives Tami Zawistowski (R-61) and Scott Storms (R-60) joined with Senator John Kissel (R-7) Tuesday, September 19th to present Wartime Service Medals to those who were unable to attend the earlier ceremony held in June. The presentation was held at the New England Air Museum. Three dozen veterans came to the museum to receive their medals; they were escorted by local volunteer and veteran Eric Refsnider. For more information about the Wartime Service Medal or to apply visit the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs

Rep. Zawistowski Hails Passage of Bi-partisan Budget


HartfordState Representative Tami Zawistowski (R-61) celebrated passage of a bi-partisan budget that avoids tax increases, preserves core social services, keeps commitments to education, provides stability for municipalities and rejects Governor Malloy’s proposed shifting on teacher pension costs onto towns and cities.

The budget was made possible by a remarkable display of bipartisanship with Democrat Senators Hartley, Doyle and Slossberg joining their Republican colleagues to pass the budget out of the Senate on a vote of 21-15. Later in the evening the document was taken up by the House, and after lengthy debate, was passed by a margin of 77-73.

Rep. Zawistowski commented, “This budget was the best option for Connecticut, the majority party’s earlier proposal was balanced by increasing taxes by over a billion and half dollars. The bi-partisan effort that passed today avoids tax increases, creates structural changes and sets funding priorities. Additionally we avoid shifting the costs of teacher pensions on to the towns and preserved municipal aid.”

Highlights of the bi-partisan budget:

  • No increase or expansion of the state’s sales tax
  • No income tax increase
  • No new tax on secondary homes
  • No cell phone tax
  • No increase to the cigarette tax
  • No new tax on nonprescription drugs
  • No increase in restaurant sales tax
  • No increase to the pistol permit fee
  • No increase to the hotel tax
  • No new fantasy sports tax
  • Restores funding for the state’s property tax credit in its entirety to all families and individuals
  • Eliminates Social Security income tax and phases out tax on pension income for middle class

“I hope that the governor will sign this budget into law, its passage today is a reflection of the widespread desire to hold the line on taxes,” Rep. Zawistowski said.

In order for the budget to go into effect it must either be signed by the governor or sit for 30 days. Alternatively the governor can veto the budget, returning the bill to the legislature to begin the process again or override the veto with a two thirds vote of each chamber.

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