Rep. Cummings Reads to First Graders at CCS


State Rep. Stephanie Cummings joined first graders in Barbara Franck’s class at the Children’s Community School to read to the students and discuss her role as a state legislator. Rep. Cummings read the book, “The Book With No Pictures” by B.J. Novak, before reading the kids’ own version of the book which included a page written by each student and put together to create the story.

Rep. Cummings also talked about her role in Hartford and spent time listening to each student’s ideas about laws that might be good for the state.  There was almost universal agreement about shortening the school day but the group was split among “party lines” when considering changes to the dress code, with the young ladies voting to wear pajamas while the boys wear suits, and the boys voting for sweats and comfortable clothing while the girls wear dresses.

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Starting an Important Conversation about the Opioid Crisis


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the more than 70 concerned citizens who came to the Opioid Forum last week. The presenters did an excellent job sharing their insights and experiences in dealing with this challenging issue. Community conversations such as this are incredibly difficult to have, which is all the more reason to have them. Too often when we consider addiction and the opioid crisis, we think of it as an abstraction, the numbers do not seem real and the headlines must be from somewhere else. The biggest take away for me was that many in our community have suffered in silence for too long. We do not think about our neighbors or the problems in our hometown. The message that I want to leave with people is that the problem is real, it is here in Windsor Locks and there are resources available.

Here are some of the resources we learned about:

  • DMHAS Addiction Services Bed Availability
  • Other DMHAS and Regional Mental Health resources at
  • The Drop Box for unwanted or unused medications open 24/7 at the WLPD Lobby 4 Volunteer Drive, Windsor Locks.
  • The Warm Hand Off, beginning in February started by First Selectman Chris Kervick, the Windsor Locks Police and St. Francis Hospital to streamline the intake process for people seeking substance abuse treatment.

These resources are just a starting point. We need to keep the conversations going and work toward building a more complete recovery network. We all have some homework to do. I plan on taking many suggestions from the evening back with me to the capitol and work more closely with our local town officials.

Scott Storms

60th District

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House GOP Leader Klarides Response to the Calls for Tolls on Connecticut Roads


“Republicans have demonstrated with our Prioritize Progress initiative beginning in 2015 that we can dedicate sufficient funds for transportation projects, in this case $63 billion over three decades while stabilizing the STF, without installing tolls on Connecticut’s roads or raising gas taxes,’’ Rep. Themis Klarides said. “This issue will certainly be debated in the coming legislative session, and public opinion will likely move around once the location and number of tolls are defined and we learn how much revenue they will generate.’’

House GOP Leader Klarides’ Response to the Governor’s Deficit Mitigation Plan


“We appreciate the Governor’s proposal that, by law, he is required to submit, and recognize that he does offer some flexibility in dealing with the latest deficit. However, two-thirds of this plan involves raising taxes or increasing revenue, such as cigarettes, sales taxes and conveyance. Many of them sound familiar because they were included in previous Democratic proposals.

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Rep. Davis Receives Connecticut Farm Bureau Leadership Award


HARTFORD – The Connecticut Farm Bureau presented State Rep. Christopher Davis (R-57) with their 2017 Legislative Leadership Award on Friday, November 17th, for his support and dedication to the Connecticut Agriculture community.

Rep. Davis, the Ranking Member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, said the Connecticut Agriculture Industry plays a major role in Connecticut’s economy.

“I am proud to represent a community with a number of family-owned farms that are successful,” added Rep. Davis. “Our Agriculture Industry in Connecticut employees thousands of people and provides millions with fresh, clean produce and dairy. I look forward to continuing to work with our farmers to make sure their industry thrives and grows, and their voice is heard in Hartford.”

The Connecticut Farm Bureau (CFBA) was formed in 1919 with the goal to make farming more profitable and the community a better place to live. The CFBA represents over 3,400 members, and more information can be found on their website


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