This Memorial Day weekend is dedicated to remembering those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. After 16 years of war in the Middle East, it’s easy to become numb and unaware of the fierce battles that still rage on today. The spirits of the comrades that I’ve lost live on in my memory forever. Memorial Day honors the fallen from every war, every battle and every conflict. May the good Lord provide their families with the grace and the guidance that they so deserve. God Bless our heroes.

Please take a moment to read the poem below. I wrote this back in 2016. During my time in the military and in the years that have followed my honorable discharge, these solemn ceremonies serve as a constant reminder of the men and women that I served with and those who I lost.

Final Salute

At attention, we raise our hand
Flags waving, a marching band
Salute the fallen, on one command

A Sergeant speaks, “Make Ready!”
Our backs are rigid, hearts heavy
Three pulls of the trigger, ever steady

Taps is playing, love resounding
Comrades departed, still remembering
Brother and sisters, never waking

To those we lost, in battles so dire
Never surrender, Freedom’s desire
The ceremony is over, time to retire

This final salute, this hallowed way
Our respects, we will always pay
Honor this day, this Memorial Day

By: Sgt. Brian M. Ohler
US Army (Ret)

Author’s Note:

As I began to think about the many ceremonies that will be held around our beloved country this weekend, recognizing that each ceremony may differ in their own certain way, there is one ritual that remains a constant. The final salute, the playing of Taps and the rifle firing are performed in every town and every state. I summarized those actions in this poem. 

Ohler Defends Dairy Farmers, Applauds Budget Provision That Ensures Agriculture Funds Are Sustained


HARTFORD – State Representative Brian Ohler (R-64) applauded the result of bipartisan budget negotiations to include a vital provision that will provide some financial relief to dairy farmers operating across the state. Dairy farming is a major element within Connecticut’s agriculture industry, but with rising production costs operations have become less sustainable.

Rep. Ohler said, “Dairy farmers are some of the most humble people you’ll ever know. They are also the first to ensure that for every penny earned is put right back into their animals and their operations overall. At this moment in time, however, milk prices fall way short of the total cost of production. Our farmers need our help and they need it now. A total of $1 million dollars will be transferred to the Department of Agriculture’s Dairy Farmer-Account Sustainability fund by July 15, 2018. Dairy farms represent the fabric of our rural communities here in the Northwest Corner. It is imperative to help preserve dairy farms because they contribute so much to our local economies and also play pivotal roles in the overall preservation of the environment and greenspace.”

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Ohler Supports Greater Environmental Transparency


HARTFORD – State Representative Brain Ohler (R-64) co-sponsored and voted in favor of a Resolution that would amend the Connecticut Constitution to ensure that there are public hearings held prior to the transfer of any state-owned land parcels to private entities.

Rep. Ohler said “I am beyond proud to have championed this Resolution. Never, under any circumstance, should the General Assembly give away or sell our public lands without a transparent and open process. While most conveyances of lands of conservation and agricultural value are done through a thoughtful process, there have been many instances where these land parcels have been conveyed without the benefit of public input.

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