Zullo Talks Traffic Safety and Crime – H.B. 5917

Posted on May 24, 2023

(HARTFORD) — On Wednesday, State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) discussed a substitute to House Bill 5917 An Act Implementing the Recommendations of the Vision Zero Council which considers policy related to studies from the Vision Zero Council, created to study traffic, transportation, and traffic-related crime. The bill, which creates a statewide approach to reducing traffic crime and increasing safe driving measures, comes with concerns for local control and privacy due to the use of certain traffic cameras.

“We absolutely need to do more to enforce local traffic laws and reduce accidents and civilian fatalities,” said Zullo in his floor speech. “Giving towns the option to use traffic cameras raises grave privacy and due process concerns, but it may help save lives. However, I think reducing crime, improving public safety, and ensuring compliance with our laws begins with making it easier for police to do their jobs, putting more police back on our streets, and actually holding those who break our laws accountable!”


Zullo added, “We are treating the symptom, not the problem. The reality is that we have widespread disrespect and disregard for our laws, while simultaneously making it harder for police to carry out their investigative duties due to strict legislation. We cannot successfully implement these laws until we return respect to our police and laws, especially combatting increasing juvenile crime that often involves repeat offenders, as seen in East Haven.”

Zullo concluded, “We need to get back to holding people accountable, especially our criminals and repeat offenders. I appreciate what this bill is aiming at, but it only treats the symptom, not the actual problem.”