Testimony in Opposition to HB-5653

Posted on February 24, 2023

Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee
Public Hearing – February 22, 2032

Chairman Fonfara and Horn, Ranking Members Martin and Cheeseman, and Distinguished Members of the Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee, thank you for this opportunity to submit written testimony opposing HB-5653, An Act Establishing an Excise Tax on Ammunition to Provide Funding for Community Gun Violence Intervention Program Grants.

Owning and operating a gun is a fundamental right, for both sports and self-defense purposes.

Testimony in Opposition of: HB 6588 An Act Concerning Rent Stabilization

Posted on February 22, 2023

Chairman Luxenberg and Moore, Ranking Members Scott and Sampson, and Distinguished Members of the Committee, thank you for allowing the opportunity to submit written testimony strongly opposing
HB-6588, An Act Concerning Rent Stabilization

 Just last year an anti-landlord bill was pushed through the legislature in complete disregard for the hard-working landlords owning property in Connecticut. Who are we to dictate how much rent should be or how often or to what degree a someone can raise rent

Rep. Veach Submits Testimony to Provide Funding to Help Support Shipping Costs Associated with Military Care Packages

Posted on February 7, 2023

This bill is an important proposal for Connecticut veterans to access the essential basic items that are needed when they are serving overseas. Many nonprofits that try to help our veterans do not realize the shipping costs for humanitarian aid. This became evident as many people tried to do good deeds by hosting collection drives for the people of Ukraine, only to be shocked that there is a huge cost to send “aid packages” overseas. I have spoken to several churches and other organizations that