Reps. O’Dea and Marra Hold Successful Legislative Update in Darien

Posted on April 27, 2023


DARIEN — On Wednesday, State Representatives Tom O’Dea (R-125) and Tracy Marra (R-141) held a successful Legislative Update event at Town Hall in Darien. Dozens of residents filled the auditorium for a wide-ranging discussion on state issues including education, finance, housing and zoning, and transportation. Inquiring attendees asked questions of the two representatives on topics such as Connecticut’s Paid Family Leave Assistance program, concerns over local infrastructure in education and public utilities, and more. Additionally, legislators welcomed input from local interest group CT169STRONG, who provided a deep look into current housing legislation in Connecticut.

“Thank you to the great residents of the 125th and the 141st for joining this productive discussion and for strengthening our work as legislators through public input. As we begin intense debates on the floor of the House, legislators will carry your concerns into their final weeks of session,” Rep. O’Dea said.

Thank you to the folks at Darien Town Hall for assisting and facilitating a great event.