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Rep. McCarty Named Assistant House Republican Leader

Posted on January 3, 2023


Will serve as Ranking Member for Education Committee, on Appropriations and Public Health Committees

House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora named State Representative Kathleen McCarty (R-38) as Assistant House Republican Leader, an important caucus leadership position, for the upcoming 2023-2024 legislative session.

“I am honored Representative Candelora chose me to serve as an Assistant House Leader and look forward to working even more closely with my colleagues to refine caucus priorities as we head into the next legislative session,” Rep. McCarty said.

“Kathleen has always been a strong, measured presence in our caucus and her determination and dedication to her district, and more importantly the children of our state through her work on the Education Committee, has earned the respect of her colleagues,” House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora, said. “She is a welcome addition to our leadership team.”

House Republicans also announced that Rep. McCarty will return to her role as Ranking Member of the Education Committee for the session that begins on January 4, 2023. Ranking Members serve as a liaison to caucus members regarding the important issues from each individual committee. She will also serve on the Appropriations Committee, and Public Health Committee.

Rep. McCarty also said she is pleased to be returning as Ranking Member for the Education Committee to continue building upon the foundations of the bipartisan work the committee has been able to accomplish over the past few sessions.

To read descriptions of the duties and responsibilities of each legislative committee, please go to www.cga.ct.gov and click on the “Committees” tab.