Sen. Sampson & Rep. Mastrofrancesco Statement on Proposed HUSKY Expansion for Illegal Immigrants

Posted on February 22, 2024


HARTFORD – State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-16) and State Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-80) issued the following statement in response to legislative proposals announced on Wednesday that would expand HUSKY coverage for illegal immigrants.

Sen. Sampson said, “Securing the border is not just a national issue. Almost every problem that we face in Connecticut is exacerbated by more illegal immigration. Connecticut residents should hold elected Democrats accountable for the many policies they have passed that encourage undocumented immigrants to come to Connecticut, rather than promoting lawful immigration.

“Connecticut’s elected Democrats have passed laws to offer illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, tuition discounts, and have made Connecticut a ‘Super Sanctuary State’ that provides tremendous protections even to criminal aliens. While most may be coming here for a chance at the ‘American Dream,’ it is irresponsible to pass laws that undermine our nation’s security and public safety policies. Now they want to expand the free healthcare program they have already created to even more illegal immigrants. I am hopeful the people of Connecticut send a clear message this November that they do not accept this.”

Rep. Mastrofrancesco said, “Expanding free coverage for even more illegal immigrants is a policy we simply can’t afford. Connecticut families are struggling and the proposal here is to use their tax dollars for what will be an enormous expense. Competition for state dollars is tighter than ever and the federal government is incapable of stopping the flow of migrants across our nation’s southern border.”

She continued, “The state budget passed last June expanded free healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants starting from a child younger than 8, then up to 19, and now they are trying to expand it again. I was proud to vote ‘no’ then, and I will do so again if this is proposed. Our priorities should be focused on making Connecticut safer and more affordable for citizens and lawful residents.”