Rep. Mastrofrancesco Voices Opposition to Removal of Women and Mothers From Bill Language

Posted on March 1, 2024


HARTFORD – Rep. Mastrofrancesco, R-Wolcott, voiced her concerns about S.B. 125 “An Act Concerning the Recommendations of The Department of Children and Families Relative to Identified Adoptions and Revisions to Certain Terminology” during a recent meeting of the Children’s Committee. The bill was advanced out of committee despite opposition by Republicans.

The bill erases “expectant mother” and replaces it with “pregnant person,” and “his or her” is removed and replaced with “such alleged genetic parent’s child.” The word “women” is replaced with “pregnant parents.”

Rep. Mastrofrancesco offered an amendment that would have restored women, mother and other associated language back into the bill. Every Democrat in attendance voted against it.

“I am all for easing restrictions on prospective adoptive parents so they can adopt a child. What I will NEVER support, is legislation that attempts to ERASE women from Connecticut laws, which is what S.B. 125 is attempting to do. The Democrat majority continues to push legislation aimed at removing women for no other reason other than to advance a progressive ideology,” said Rep. Mastrofrancesco. “Women have worked too long, and too hard to be erased. I stood in opposition to this bill, and will stand in opposition again if this comes to the House floor.”