Rep. Mastrofrancesco Co-Hosts Successful Forum to Discuss Facts About Proposed Ban of Gas-Powered Vehicles

Posted on November 20, 2023


SOUTHINGTON – Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco, R-Wolcott, co-hosted a well-attended forum at the Southington Municipal Center about the proposed ban of gas-powered vehicles. Rep. Mastrofrancesco joined Sen. Rob Sampson and Rep. Donna Veach at the forum, which was focused on explaining the facts about the proposed ban.

The first phase is scheduled to begin in 2027 and the proposed regulations call for a complete ban on the sales of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Many people need an affordable and reliable gas-powered car in order to get to work each day, but this mandate removes that option without putting a solid plan in place.

Rep. Mastrofrancesco shared her serious concerns about what the proposed ban will mean for Connecticut residents, as well as members of the business community.

The state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has officially submitted to the legislature’s Regulation Review Committee its proposed emissions standards that will ban the sale of all new gas-powered cars by 2035. The regulations will be on the committee’s agenda on November 28th.

Rep. Mastrofrancesco is urging constituents to call Democrats to urge a NO vote at the Legislative Regulation Review Committee meeting:

Sen. Joan Hartley: 860-240-0006

Sen. James Maroney: 860-240-0381

Sen. Cathy Osten: 860-240-0579

Rep. Tom Arnone: 860-240-8585

Rep. Lucy Dathan: 860-240-8585

Rep. Bob Godfrey: 860-240-8500

Rep. Kevin Ryan: 860-240-8585