CT Business Group Gives Rep. Mastrofrancesco Perfect Score on Pro-Business Legislation

Posted on August 13, 2019

I just received the legislative scorecard given by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) last week that gives every state lawmaker a grade for their voting record regarding laws that could impact small and large businesses in the state of Connecticut.
In my first legislative session, I received a perfect score from CBIA voting against every anti-business policy that came before me in the House of Representatives that makes it more difficult for business owners to grow and thrive in Connecticut.
This legislative session business owners, small and large, saw more and more harmful policies being passed by the majority party that will cost them more money to operate their business in Connecticut.
Many small businesses in Connecticut work with very small profit/loss margins, so every time the majority party passes legislation or regulations that cause additional mandates these businesses are forced to absorb the costs.
Business owners appear to always be the main targets at the State Capitol to cover the state’s reckless spending habits.
The General Assembly instead needs to look in the mirror and find savings within their own budget. I believe if we don’t support our business owners, small and large, we are never going to see Connecticut recover.
State government needs to leave business alone, then and only then can we see opportunities flourish. We must remember that a vibrant and healthy business community means more jobs for Connecticut workers. 
This session the majority party passed the following anti-business bills:
·        Minimum wage increase to $15
·        Pay roll tax to fund paid family leave
·        The state budget that included an increase in filling fees and a plastic bag tax
·        State-run healthcare
For more information about CBIA’s scorecard visit, www.cbia.com.