Local Firefighters Attend Veterans Committee Public Hearing in Support of Representative Lanoue’s Proposed Bill

Posted on March 8, 2024

On Thursday, we reviewed and listened to ten bills on our agenda during the Committee on Veteran’s and Military Affairs public hearing. Among them was my bill, H.B. No. 5404, AN ACT CONCERNING MILITARY TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE AND THE DRIVER’S LICENSE ENDORSEMENT TO OPERATE FIRE APPARATUS.

This proposed bill would help streamline the bureaucracy on certifications for active-duty military personnel and fire departments regarding Q endorsements by granting reciprocity with the proper military certifications. Active-duty military personnel and recent veterans would have the opportunity to apply their skills locally, by operating fire apparatus with departments across Connecticut.

This legislation applies to both paid and volunteer firefighters. Throughout our state, firefighter enrollment is down. This new proposal offers the opportunity for our veterans and service members to continue serving their communities right here at home and help local departments with recruiting new volunteers with a history of service.

Testifying in favor of this important piece of legislation were two decorated public servants from our district, Army Master Sgt. William Leuck, who also serves Griswold as a volunteer firefighter, along with Griswold Fire Chief Thomas Holowaty. I want to thank them both for coming up to the Capitol lending their expertise on this important concept that will benefit our veterans’, fire departments, and our communities across the state.  I would also like to thank State Representatives Irene Haines, and Rick Hayes, for their guidance to our two district heroes who came up to testify, and for their support and advocacy of this bill. Both Rep. Haines and Hayes are both hold municipal office as well, and both agree this bill would benefit their towns along with communities across Connecticut.

I will be sure to keep you up to date on the advancement of this bill throughout the legislative process.

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