2024 Legislative Session Resources

Posted on January 31, 2024


With the 2024 Connecticut Legislative Session set to begin on Wednesday, February 7th, I wanted to provide you with resources to keep handy. If you have any questions for me as we approach the beginning of session, please feel free to reach out to me. The upcoming legislative session is the “short” session, which begins February 7th, and ends May 8th. The state’s constitution and legislative rules for this session generally limit proposed bills to adjustments of the budget, revenue and legislation related to financial matters.

Committee Assignments

Higher Education- Ranking Member

Planning & Development


District & Community Updates

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Bill Information & Tracking

Find a full list of bills being considered by the House and Senate during the legislative session by visiting www.cga.ct.gov

You can review reports and major acts from the non-partisan Office of Legislative Research (OLR).

OLR provides short reports that cover many legislative topics, such as this year’s Major Issues report on upcoming legislation for 2024-


Legislative Research & Fiscal Analysis

Access non-partisan, comprehensive reports on major legislation at www.cga.ct.gov/OLR and www.cga.ct.gov/OFA

Live From the State Capitol

Follow legislative meetings, events, and sessions online through the Connecticut Network at www.ct-n.com