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Cheeseman Tours Animal Shelter, Advocates for State Money

Posted on May 9, 2024


Cheeseman Tours Animal Shelter, Advocates for State Money

MONTVILLE – State Rep. Holly Cheeseman (R-37) last week toured the Montville Animal Shelter and spoke with Montville Mayor Leonard Bunnell Sr., Chief of Police Wilfred Blanchette, and Officer Bruce Rebelo regarding the current condition of the town’s animal shelter.

Rep. Cheeseman has been a staunch advocate for state money to help fund a new animal shelter.

Cheeseman, who is also the owner of two Chesapeake Bay retrievers ages 14 and 5, is one of several local legislators who have collaborated on a request to the state’s Bond Commission to secure money for the new shelter. That bond would cover about $2 million of the shelter’s estimated $2.2 million project cost.

Right now, the current roof of the shelter isn’t sufficient, which allows rain to fall inside the shelter and the quarters are too tight for both the dogs and their caretakers.

“It was incredibly valuable to visit the facility and hear about their current challenges and initiatives. The shelter is a safe home for animals in need, but the serious lack of resources is evident. I commend our local leadership for maintaining the highest standards under difficult conditions,” said Rep. Cheeseman. “Having seen this firsthand, I am even more committed to securing bond funds to construct a modern facility that the precious animals wholeheartedly deserve.”

Rep. Cheeseman attended the Pup Rally last weekend at Fair Oaks School to raise money for a new shelter.

Cheeseman added, “I am committed to securing the funds we need to finally build a modern, spacious, and comfortable facility that reflects what our furry friends deserve.”