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Winsted Health Center Awarded Community Investment Fund Allocation

Posted on December 8, 2022


Hartford – The Winsted Health Center received a $438,750 allocation as a result of the State Bond Commission’s approval of the Community Investment Fund’s priority projects. The Community Investment Fund (CIF) was set-up to provide funding for improvement projects to underserved communities.

Kris Griffin, Winsted Health’s CEO, said, “It’s going to be a live, work, health campus that we are very excited about.” Griffin went on to mention that the facility will be home to 40 units of affordable housing, with a focus on helping community veterans. Additionally, Winsted Health will be partnering with Northwest Connecticut Community College to implement an entrepreneurial program.

The CIF resources will be used to revamp the campus to include affordable housing units, workforce development, medical clinics, and mental health services.

“These campus upgrades and new services will benefit our entire community. It’s especially going to go a long way in securing housing options for our veterans, and will encourage local business collaboration and growth,” said Rep. Case.

You can learn more about Winsted Health Center by clicking here.