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Tax-Free Week August 18-24

Posted on August 14, 2019 by Admin


Governor Lamont made a proposal earlier this year that would have eliminated our “Tax-Free Week.” Based on the fact that $1.7 billion in new taxes were recently approved with the two-year budget, I stood firmly against this proposal in order to provide minimal financial relief to the hard-working individuals and families throughout the state.

I am proud to say that his proposal was unsuccessful. Tax-Free Week will begin this Sunday, August 18th, and will conclude on Saturday, August 24th. Many items sold for under $100 during this time period are exempt from Connecticut’s sales tax, providing a well-deserved financial break to all shoppers and families within our community.

Getting ready for back to school? This is the perfect opportunity to pay for your student’s school supplies and clothing, tax-free. Regardless, some items remain subject to sales tax because they are either manufactured specifically for use during sporting and athletic events, or are considered to be accessories. Examples are below:

  • Examples of tax exempt items include: shirts, dresses, jeans, diapers, socks, etc.
  • Examples of taxable items include: wallets, jewelry, ice skates, cleats, roller skates, etc.

For a complete list of tax exempt and taxable clothing items, please click here.

Tax-Free Week was enacted by the Connecticut General Assembly in the year 2000. Annually, the week saves Connecticut shoppers $4.2 million in sales tax.