New Laws Effective October 1

Posted on September 29, 2022


New laws are going into effect on Saturday, October 1st, and I have highlighted some of the major state policy changes for your review. You can check out all newly effective laws by clicking the button below.

Addressing Crime…

The legislature moved to address rising levels of crime. I supported the passage of Public Act 22-115 An Act Concerning Juvenile Justice and Services, Firearms Background Checks, and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle. The new law improves the ability of local law enforcement to review background information, expedites court operations, and allows for electronic monitoring of repeat offenders. While this piece of legislation was a good starting point, much more must be done to address crime, specifically instances of juvenile crime.

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Mental Health Services…

Students and children will have access to mental health services as a result of the bipartisan Public Act 22-47 An Act Concerning Children’s Mental Health. This law lays out the blueprint for a comprehensive response to address behavioral crises, provide screening tools, and institute peer-to-peer programs in Connecticut’s schools.

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Preventing Domestic Violence & Safe Internet Use…

The digital age has brought about online dating applications, but without the correct operating guidelines these applications can be dangerous to those who use them. Public Act 22-82 An Act Concerning Online Dating Operators…And Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence provides safeguards and resources for individuals engaged in online dating, or who are experiencing an abusive relationship. The law requires online dating operators to provide Connecticut users with safety awareness notifications before allowing them to use the platform, sets up a grant program to provide education and training on online abuse, and extends anti-discrimination statutes to more workplaces.

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