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Statement From Rep. Patrick Callahan in Response to Gov. Lamont Cutting Cord on Emissions Regulations Proposal

Posted on November 28, 2023

Hartford—State Representative Patrick Callahan (R-108), Environment Committee Ranking Member, is responding to Gov. Lamont’s administration pulling the plug on a proposal to ban gas-powered passenger cars as of 2035.

“We’ve heard from many Connecticut residents who are concerned about this revolutionary move in just 11 years. Phasing in new technology should be evolutionary, while also giving people the freedom of choice. I share the concerns of my constituents, including electric grid capacity, insufficient charging infrastructure, the environmental damage from mining the finite resources to make EV batteries, and what to do with batteries at the end of their life, among others. Now that Connecticut is pumping the brakes on these regulations, I urge my colleagues to think about the unintended consequences on residents that would happen by pursuing these emissions standards, at this aggressive timeline, which would only add to the burden on taxpayers. The plan that’s now been pulled was like a reverse Robin Hood situation, because we have to subsidize these vehicles and subsidize the grid, leaving the middle class and lower class to bear the brunt of the cost. We do expect regulations in some form to come back to the full legislature next year and I will be happy to continue the fight against these intrusive government mandates.”