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State Rep. Howard: New Laws Effective July 1st

Posted on July 2, 2024

Several new laws will take effect July 1st that could have an impact on you, your business, or our community. I have highlighted some of them below.

A summary of some new laws include:


An Education Mandate Review Advisory Council will be created to advise and report to the General Assembly about the cost and implementation of existing education mandates on local and regional boards of education, as well as the impact

2024 Major Public Acts Report

Posted on May 22, 2024

The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has published its 2024 “Major Public Acts” report. This report gives a categorical breakdown of the major topics that the General Assembly addressed in the 2024 session. OLR produces this report in consultation with the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA). The legislation included in the report has been broken out into 20 different categories including energy, environment, taxes, and transportation.

To review the report in its entirety,

Howard: General Assembly Refuses to Study Traffic Accidents in CT

Posted on May 6, 2024

HARTFORD- State Rep. Greg Howard (R-43) expresses frustration that an amendment on the omnibus Department of Motor Vehicles to establish a task force to study traffic stops, traffic accidents, traffic enforcement in our state was defeated on mostly along party lines 58-93.

The amendment LCO 5460 would have established a task force to study and identify the causes and factors contributing to the decrease in traffic stops and enforcement of motor vehicle violations in the state since the year 2018,