Republicans Offer Amendments to Increase Safety on Our Roadways

Posted on May 1, 2024

Due to the increased frequency of wrong way driving incidents and traffic fatalities, we have a responsibility to our residents to take action and increase safety along our roadways.
On Monday, my House Republican colleagues offered two amendments aimed at reducing the number of impaired drivers under the influence of cannabis on our state roads. The first would allow law enforcement officers to stop an individual who is smoking marijuana, the second would have let them pull over an individual

House Republicans Offer Plan to Balance FY25 Budget

Posted on April 25, 2024

If no adjustments are made to the biennium budget, the governor would have the discretionary authority to make his own decisions on what to cut or fund outside of the legislative session. Right now, the majority members of the Appropriations Committee don’t have any plans to address it.

Knowing this, House Republicans today released our budget proposal that honors the fiscal guardrails, pursuing structural reforms, focusing on affordability, and increasing funding for local education.

This includes:

Nonprofit Grant Awarded to the SARAH Inc.

Posted on April 10, 2024

Ensuring our nonprofit organizations were supported was one of the top priorities among my House Republican colleagues during last year’s budget negotiations, so I’m pleased to see the SARAH Inc. was awarded a grant through the state’s Nonprofit Grant Program.

Grants received through this program are used to help support capital projects. This includes – facility alterations, renovations, improvements, and additions; new construction; health, safety, and Americans with Disabilities Act projects;