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State Immunization Information System (CT WiZ)

Posted on September 15, 2021


I wanted to let you know about the recently amended state Immunization Information System (CT WiZ) and your ability to access your COVID-19 immunization records, as well an option to opt out if you choose.


Since 1998, vaccinations received by children have been recorded in the state’s Immunization Information System, known as CT WiZ. This was done to meet federal standards for reporting and give parents easy access to childhood vaccination records needed for school, childcare, camp, etc. and keep records fluid for pediatricians.

Per a recent executive order, CT WiZ will now include all adult residents’ COVID-19 vaccination status. This will give residents access to their records (their “vaccine card”) in case they are required to show them to employers or for any other reason. These records will be accessible to residents who have received the vaccine (with confirmation via the cell phone number or email address given at the time of vaccination).

Click here to read the Executive Order.

Click here for the DPH CT WiZ FAQ sheet.

Click here to access your COVID vaccination record.


CT WiZ Opt Out Option

If you would prefer not to have your immunization recorded in this manner, there is a way that you can opt out. The patient, or the parent or guardian of a minor, can submit a written request to the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) requesting that the immunization record no longer be maintained.

The written request should include the person’s full legal name, date of birth, and address so staff can locate the individual that is opting out in the system. Routine emailed messages are not considered to be a secure mode of communication. For the confidentiality of your patient information, do not email your opt out request.

Requests to opt out should be mailed or faxed to:

410 Capitol Avenue, MS # 11 MUN
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Fax: 860-707-1925

Should you wish to opt back in and access these records at any time, please call the DPH Immunization Program (860) 509-7929 or submit the CT WiZ Enrollment Form. Proof of identification is required to opt back into CT WiZ.