Rep. Zupkus – We need to roll back anti-business policies

Posted on February 21, 2018 by admin


To the editor,

We started the 2018 legislative session with the governor’s address to the General Assembly, which failed to address the single most important issue in Connecticut – our failing economy.

I am sure you are reading the daily headlines and listening to news outlets on television that all paint a bleak picture of Connecticut. It doesn’t have to be this way; we can tackle our budget deficits by taking bold action this session.

Last year, we started taking steps to stop out of control state spending and borrowing by implementing strong spending and bonding caps. But as I mentioned when the budget was passed, it didn’t go far enough.

We need to roll back anti-business policies that are hampering businesses from growing. Here are a couple of things we can do immediately to help business owners:

– Eliminate the Business Entity Tax
– Provide better job training opportunities
– Roll back unnecessary surcharges and fees placed on businesses small and large
– Prevent a new restaurant tax
– Block proposals to implement tolls throughout the state

Right now, if the governor’s budget were to become law, it would raise taxes on small businesses at a tune of $47 million. This is clearly not the message we should be sending to business owners that are thinking about whether to pack their bags or expand in Connecticut. The governor and the majority party need to stop their anti-business rhetoric and realize that to spur economic growth we need small and large businesses to be confident in Connecticut.

Connecticut needs to be open for business, we have gone too long with the “for sale” sign on the door. Unlike the governor, my top-priority this session is stabilizing our economy and passing legislation that is pro-business.

Finally, I would like to invite all woman business owners, to the Capitol on May 2nd for the 5th Annual Women-Owned Business Day from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Please send me an email,, if you would like to join me.