Rep. Zullo (R-99) Attends Swearing in and Receives Committee Assignments for the 2023 Legislative Session

Posted on January 9, 2023

(HARTFORD) — On January 4th, State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) was officially sworn in at the opening-day ceremonies of the 2023 Legislative Session. Additionally, each member of the General Assembly also received their legislative committee assignments and ranking member appointments.

Rep. Zullo was proud to be appointed Ranking Member on the Planning & Development Committee and will also be serving on the Housing Committee and Finance Committee. The role of a Ranking Member is to serve as the leader of the minority party in committee meetings and collaborate with Committee Leadership in proposing bills and legislation.

“It was a pleasure to experience my first in-person start to the legislative year,” said Rep. Zullo. “With my fiancée, Danelle, by my side, it allowed me to form a powerful perspective on my role and responsibility as a legislator. I look forward to continue serving the residents and families who work hard to provide for the future generations in our state; emphasizing interests on both sides of the aisle that provide effective housing solutions and development opportunities for years to come.”

The 2023 Legislative Session will continue until June 7th, 2023, and resources for how to track bills, follow the legislative process, and mark vote tallies can all be found at the General Assembly’s website:

To contact Rep. Zullo, please visit or email the representative with any questions or concerns at