Rep. Ziobron Speaks in Favor of Legislation that Would Allow Safe Access for Events

Posted on March 12, 2018 by admin


Hartford – Rep. Melissa Ziobron (R-34) testified before the Public Safety and Security Committee in favor of changes to proposed House Bill 5301 a measure that would allow members of volunteer fire companies to provide safe access to events.

Community tourism events require police to direct traffic to ensure public safety when accessing venues. At times there has been difficulty allocating officers because of staffing constraints and emergency circumstances. Recently events, such as Pumpkintown, USA in East Hampton have been interrupted due to these staffing challenges.

“I was asked to consider this concept by Paul’s and Sandy’s Too, the sponsors of Pumpkintown, USA in East Hampton. On a number of occasions and out of their control—police officers directing traffic, critical to the event, were called away or were forced to cancel due to low staffing allocations. Creating this enabling legislation would allow those communities or small businesses, who host these tourism or agricultural events to utilize local firefighters who have similar training in traffic control,” shared Rep. Ziobron. I have asked the committee to amend the proposal to include small businesses, so that events such as Pumpkintown, USA can keep their visitors and travelers along Roue 66 safe. We should do all we can to help our small businesses, towns and non-profits who are organizing like events across the state. Let’s keep the open sign ON in Connecticut.”