Rep. Ziobron Speaks in Favor Lobbying Transparency Initiative

Posted on March 1, 2018 by admin


Hartford – on Monday February 26th State Representative Melissa Ziobron (R-34) offered public testimony in support of HB 5174 ‘An Act Concerning Restricting Legislative Lobbying by Former State Employees’. The proposed bill would impose a one-year moratorium for state employees lobbying the legislature.

“I have concerns about the ‘revolving door’ between former state employees and lobbyists. The advantageous relationships between legislators, current staff members and their former colleagues gives them more influence in the process than members of the general public,” commented Rep. Ziobron.  “During my time serving as a State Representative I have increasingly seen unfair access granted to former state employees who have immediately transferred to careers in lobbying. This proposal is about fairness, transparency and repairing public perceptions of the legislative process. The one-year moratorium that applies to former elected officials who go on to lobbying careers should apply to former state employees as well.”

To Track the progress of the bill visit  For more information or to offer comments and questions please contact Rep. Ziobron at or 860-240-8700 and follow for the latest news.