North Central Representatives Raise Awareness for Safe Haven Law

Posted on April 5, 2018 by admin


(L to R) Former Rep. Pam Sawyer, Reps. Greg Stokes, Carol Hall, Scott Storms, Robin Green and Tami Zawistowski

HARTFORD – North Central Connecticut Representatives Tami Zawistowski (R-61), Greg Stokes (R-58), Carol Hall (R-59) and Scott Storms (R-60) joined with colleagues from the House and Senate to help raise awareness for the state’s Safe Haven Act. Signed in to law in 2000, the Safe Haven Act allows anyone to drop off a newborn (30 days and younger) at any emergency room in Connecticut to prevent infant abandonment. To date the law has saved 33 newborns.

Safe Haven Awareness Day began three years ago as a way to help raise awareness for the law. There have been incidents of infant abandonment in recent years with tragic results.

The Representatives shared, “This law has prevented desperate situations from becoming tragedies and has saved lives. It provides a responsible option for those who are overwhelmed and are unable to take care of their newborn. We hope that constituents will join us and help spread awareness.”

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This year there is proposed legislation HB 5446 to provide information about the program during health class in public high schools. Representatives Hall and Stokes are both members of the Education Committee and voted in favor of the bill, which will move to the House for a vote in the coming weeks.