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Opportunity to Testify on Local Zoning Legislation Tomorrow

Posted on February 17, 2021


Today at 3:00 PM is the deadline to sign up to testify in Thursday’s Housing Committee Public Hearing on two bills that are related to affordable housing.

One is related to eliminating local control over zoning/oversight and the other is related to providing more opportunity for families to move successfully into affordable home ownership. Please review these bills and consider signing up to give public testimony and/or written testimony for the record.

HB 5683: Allows affordable housing options built before 1990 to count as affordable housing as defined under state statute 8-30g. This will help reflect the existing affordable housing stock in every town in Connecticut and will create more flexibility for home ownership. I’m a co-sponsor of this bill.

HB 6430: Allows Public Housing Authorities to expand operation within a 15 mile radius of existing operations. The bill also allows the Housing Authority to approve affordable housing projects in other municipalities. They may also exercise power of eminent domain on any real property it deems necessary for its purposes in their municipality.

Testifying has never been easier, thanks to Zoom. It’s deeply important to make your voices heard. You get three minutes to share with the Housing Committee your thoughts on the following bills. Please reach out to me on details of how to testify. It’s a very accessible and simple process. Link to register: Click Here

At this point, I’m in strong support of HB 5683, and while understanding the point behind HB 6430, I believe it is not in line with good public policy of grass-roots voices, local oversight and transparent accountability.

There are more bills coming out in the next couple of weeks related to eliminating local control of our zoning. I will keep you posted as much as possible. Sometimes, we learn of the details on very short notice.

Each day, I remember that I work to represent you and your voice. Please let me know of any questions you may have.