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Celebrating CT Women of Color Who Fought for the Vote

Posted on September 21, 2022


It was a joy to recognize and celebrate Connecticut Women of Color who fought – – one hundred and two years ago – – for their right to vote as citizens. Their personal strength in the face of discrimination should be a lesson for all of us.

These pioneering women refused to be pushed aside and fought for their rights. They are much more than footnotes in our state’s history, they are a defining moment in our state’s history.

As legislators we represent the diversity of our state – politically, racially, socially, and religiously – and its continued advocacy for the rights of all its citizens. I‘m deeply grateful for the freedom to vote and the protections afforded by those who came before, to enshrine these rights into law with passage of the 19th Amendment.

The strength of our Republic lies in the upholding of equal rights for all individuals regardless of their race, sex or creed – – we must always remain vigilant.

The League of Women Voters hosted today’s event. More information on the plaque and on the League does can be found at: