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Capitol Update: House Republicans Propose Distance Learning Guidelines

Posted on January 15, 2021 by admin


Many of the key issues that will be addressed this session will be relating to the impact of COVID — the economic recovery of our small businesses, the health and well being of our residents, and the ongoing education of our children.

Below is a link to a legislative proposal that I thought would be of interest to you regarding education and remote learning. I’m a co-sponsor of this legislation and believe it will strengthen education accountability for our K-12 students.

In a nutshell, this proposal establishes clear minimum guidelines for remote learning for Connecticut students that will help our educators deliver a quality education in a virtual environment.

House Republican Distance Learning Legislation


According to our agreed upon bi-partisan Joint Rules for the Session, all public hearings and committee votes through June 9, 2021 will be held virtually.

The Capitol complex remains closed to the public due to the COVID pandemic. The public is encouraged to give testimony via zoom or YouTube. The hope is that with the opportunity to provide testimony virtually, this will allow more people to give testimony on any given subject without having to travel to Hartford. Great thought and respect to an open process for the public has been balanced with the reality of the current pandemic.

House Republican Virtual Guide Resource Page


Bill proposals are due by Friday January 22. I will post updates on bills of interest that have been submitted along with any important current information. These updates may be found on my state representative Facebook page and also in my email blasts. Anyone may sign up for my email blasts. Please know that your email addresses are never shared with anyone.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.