You can help stop Governor Malloy from vetoing this budget

Posted on September 19, 2017 by Michael Downes


The early hours of Saturday morning brought historical bipartisan action on a state budget.

After the Democratic leadership failed to get enough support to pass their budget which included a $1.5 billion tax increase on state residents, three Democratic Senators and five Democratic Representatives joined with Republicans to pass the GOP no-tax-increase budget in both chambers.

Apart from imposing no new taxes on state residents, this budget eliminates the $3.5 billion budget deficit while restoring the education funding to cities and towns that Governor Malloy has threatened to eliminate by executive order effective October 1st.  It also preserves essential services to our most vulnerable citizens.

Most importantly, this budget makes important structural changes to our way of budgeting, putting our state on a more stable economic footing – something essential to retaining employers and promoting economic expansion.

Governor Malloy has threatened to veto this budget bill, which would put us right back where we were before.

Please learn more about this budget by clicking here: BUDGET INFORMATION.

If you agree that this budget is an effective way to address our state fiscal challenges, please contact Governor Malloy’s office at 800-406-1527 and ask him to sign this bipartisan budget.  Vetoing this budget is not a solution and only prolongs our challenges.

Best regards,

Terrie Wood

State Representative – 141st District