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Addressing the Juvenile Car Break-In Crisis

Posted on July 8, 2021


The car break-in crisis by juveniles continues at a rapid pace in communities across Connecticut. This is an update on how we plan to address this key public safety issue.

Yesterday, legislators held a press conference in Hartford with local police chiefs and municipal leaders. Most of us agree we need to find a better balance between intervention (programs, more parental involvement, etc.) and accountability, which will give the police and the court system the ability to protect the public.

Following the tragic death of a New Britain man last week and a shooting at a Glastonbury home, both linked to vehicle theft by juveniles, there is no question that a timely and effective solution is needed. We must act now for the safety of our citizens, law enforcement, and residents across Connecticut who are saying enough is enough.

In order for us to take action, the legislature must convene for a special session. This can be done in a few ways. The governor may call us in for a vote, or a majority of legislators from each chamber may petition the Secretary of the State.

I joined my House Republican colleagues in petitioning the SOTS for a special session. House leaders have begun discussions on potential legislation, and we are hopeful that a bipartisan agreement is reached in short order. Our goal here is to keep everyone safe.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions about the car theft issue or any state government matter. I also encourage you to share this information with anyone who may find it useful.