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Wilson Applauds the Allocation of $15 Million for Workforce Development

Posted on October 26, 2020


HARTFORD – Rep. David Wilson (R-Litchfield) applauded a recent announcement that the state has allocated $15 million from its Coronavirus Relief Fund, a portion of which will go directly to the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board, to statewide workforce development programs. Funding will be used for innovative job training. The ultimate goals of the initiative are to connect these newly-trained workers with in-demand jobs and drive down unemployment.

“This is the type of investment that will truly help workers locally and around the State of Connecticut get back to work. I support efforts to strengthen the workforce and provide training to those who can significantly benefit from learning new labor skills,” said Rep. Wilson.

COVID-19 has had a crippling impact on the state’s economy, with unemployment at 7.5%. Rep. Wilson has noted that this funding will help Connecticut residents find long-term employment solutions, which should help reverse the growing trend of high unemployment numbers. According to a statement issued by the governor, over 1,000 out-of-work residents will be able to participate in job training programs as a result of the $15 million allocation.

The governor’s statement also identified that The Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board will be receiving $289,191 to partner with a local utility services company to train 19 participants for construction jobs including laborers, drivers, operators, plumbers, gas fitters, and foremen. An additional $1,689,624 will be used to provide supportive services to all Workforce Development Board-run programs across the state.