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Statement from State Representative Wilson on Governor Lamont’s “Digital Vaccine Passport”

Posted on December 15, 2021


I stand 100% behind our House Minority Leader in calling for a public hearing in regard to a “digital vaccine passport system”, which is being pushed by Governor Lamont. Over the past several months, people have asked me why I been consistent in voting against the extensions of the governor’s emergency powers?  The reason why cannot be any clearer than it is today; in no way, shape, or form should the government ever be so intrusive into the lives of its people. With the astounding amount of division across the country currently in regard to mandated vaccinations, little good will be done with imposing such a system.

Taking such measures without the input of the people and the legislature that serves as their voice, continues to spiral us in a very troubling direction. I am firmly opposed to any and all forms of a vaccine passport in fear for those who chose not to be or cannot be vaccinated. Everyone has a right to their own opinion on vaccinations, their own right to what they put into their bodies, and the freedom to enjoy all of what this country has to offer, free from government intimidation and overreach.

House Republican Leader Candelora calls for public hearing on Governor’s digital vaccine passport

HARTFORD — House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora on Tuesday issued the following statement calling for a public hearing on Governor Lamont’s plan to implement a digital vaccine passport system:

“Despite the governor’s promise to work with the General Assembly on COVID-related issues, once again he has announced another program with no collaboration or input from its members. His vaccine passport system could have significant ramifications on residents and their ability to obtain essential goods and services. If ever there were a subject that required more discussion and public scrutiny, this is it. Having state government facilitate a program for businesses that would empower them to turn people away, further dividing the unvaccinated from the vaccinated, is a path that requires deliberation. We’re only just beginning the conversation about the impacts of COVID on mental health, education, and preventive health screening, and it would be irresponsible to rush into installing a passport system without talking about the possibility of it leading to more barriers and challenges for residents. Unfortunately, the governor sees it differently and seems ready to use his authority without hearing what the rest of us have to say. If Governor Lamont wants Connecticut residents to believe that his often-repeated claim of wanting to work with the legislature is anything more than media spin, he should participate in a public hearing on the topic before installing this program. This should be a moment where Democrats serving in the General Assembly join us in demanding more from the governor.”