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Statement From State Representative David T. Wilson

Posted on April 29, 2021


On Wednesday, Governor Lamont signed a bill eliminating the religious exemption from mandatory school vaccinations that was passed in the House last week and passed by the Senate on Tuesday. This comes after hundreds of Connecticut residents were shut out from having their voices heard during the Public Health Committee Public Hearing in February, a hearing that was capped at 24 hours. We have seen many concerning pieces of legislation moved out of committees that are advancing to the House and the Senate. I agree with House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora’s statement yesterday that virtual government has eroded transparency. It was particularly concerning that Democrats rammed this bill through committees, the House and the Senate to have the governor sign this piece of damaging legislation within 24 hours after its passage. Even with thousands of people showing up to rally to protect their religious and individual freedoms, the Democrat majority ignored their voices and forced another bad law upon the people of Connecticut.

As we saw on Tuesday, the people of this state have no issue at all showing up to our Capitol to speak with their legislators and express their concerns over what is happening this session. Our constituents deserve to have an open, transparent form of government and are largely being shutout of the process since this session began. I am against any further extension of the governor’s emergency powers and agree with Leader Candelora’s call to reconsider keeping the building closed. Its time.