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Rep. David T. Wilson, Sportsmen’s Caucus Host Game Dinner

Posted on April 4, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon


Hartford – State Representative David T. Wilson (R-Litchfield), along with the entire membership of the Sportsmen’s Caucus, hosted a Game Dinner on Tuesday, April 2, at the Legislative Office Building.

“People need to see the benefits of hunting, trapping and fishing. For many, especially in more rural areas, these activities are an integral part of life. Proficiency within these practices can provide your family with many different sources of food and pelts. I think we surprised many of our legislative colleagues, guests and staff with how good some of our wild game tasted,” explained Rep. D.T. Wilson.

There were many different tables set-up in the Atrium of the Legislative Office Building featuring various samples of fish and game. The samples included: locally caught fish, wild turkey, deer, and fowl.

Rep. D.T. Wilson went on to mention, “Often, we see legislative proposals that seek to limit hunting or restrict what hunters, trappers and fishermen can do. For instance, there is a proposed ban on leg hold traps, which could be detrimental to hobbyists and pest control across the state. By hosting this dinner, it is our hope that we were able to bring a different perspective to the Capitol on such issues. If hunting is done responsibly, it is a mechanism that promotes conservation and healthy wildlife populations. However, it is our job as enthusiasts of outdoor activities to educate those who may not have the experience or knowledge about them.”

Based on the success of the dinner, Rep. D.T. Wilson is hopeful that another tasting event will happen again soon.