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House & Senate Republicans Unveil An Affordable Connecticut Plan

Posted on April 22, 2022


On Thursday, I joined my colleagues from the House and Senate Republicans to unveil a $1.2 billion tax relief package which would help Connecticut’s working and middle-class families. These proposals would reduce the state income tax for low- and middle-income families and individuals, reduce the state sales tax and eliminates the meals tax, extends the gas tax suspension, cuts the tax on diesel, expands property tax relief, eliminates the state’s new truck tax, accelerates the elimination of the income tax on pension and annuities, and reduces burdens on job creators.

Our residents have been burdened by many hardships for years now, and these last two years has spiraled Connecticut out of control. I invite you to visit our website where you can view the introductory press conference earlier today and see the many ways that your Republican State Representatives and Senators are working hard to give you much-needed relief.

For more, please visit our website.