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House Republicans: Juvenile Justice Reform

Posted on August 10, 2021


Today, I stood along with many in the House Republican Caucus in response to rising incidences of juvenile crime. Our caucus introduced a comprehensive approach to much-needed reform within the juvenile justice system which desperately needs to be fixed. During our regular legislative session, House Republicans looked to address these issues, unfortunately the Democratic majority did not take action. In July I signed a petition for leadership in the majority party to call a special session to focus on this issue of public safety, today I am asking once again.

Inaction sends the wrong message to our constituents, we were elected to act, sometimes quickly when it comes to issues that are facing Connecticut. In my mind, there is nothing more important right now than addressing this issue and it is about time that we do so.

These proposed reforms include:

  • Implementing victim impact panels and juvenile delinquency hearings;
  • Electronic monitoring for juveniles arrested while awaiting trial on previous offenses;
  • Expedited arraignment for felonies, a sex assault, offense involving use of a firearm;
  • Court-ordered Family Support Services intervention at juvenile court arraignments;
  • Expanding circumstances in which a matter is automatically transferred to regular criminal docket;
  • Creating a new offense of “larceny of a motor vehicle” not tied to the value of the vehicle.

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