Rep. Wilms Achieves Perfect Voting Record for 2018 Session

Posted on July 2, 2018 by admin


HARTFORD – State Representative Fred Wilms (R-Norwalk, New Canaan) finished the 2018 Session with a perfect voting record according to a report just released on Thursday.

“I take my job in Hartford very seriously,” Rep. Wilms said. “Public service is a part of who I am. My constituents voted me into office and they expect me to be present for each vote. Every bill we consider is important to someone in the State of Connecticut and it deserves our consideration. I am proud of my record, but even more proud to represent the 142nd House district.”

During the 2018 Session, which lasted from February 7th to May 9th, there were 317 total votes held in the House of Representatives. Only 52 members of the chamber, or roughly 34 percent, were in attendance for each of them. Achieving a perfect voting record is challenging and uncommon, especially when considering many legislators hold full time positions outside the part-time Connecticut legislature, including Rep. Wilms.

During the 2018 Session, Representative Wilms took leadership roles on the following bills:

  • The State Budget – no tax increases, fully balanced plus $1 billion placed into the Rainy Day Fund.
  • The Special Transportation Fund Crisis – by shifting the Car Sales Tax to this fund from the General Fund, MetroNorth and bus services cuts were avoided.
  • Education Cost Sharing Funding – protecting against funding cuts by the Governor.
  • Bioscience sector – creating a strategic plan for this promising economic sector.
  • Medical Telehealth services – updating our old laws to keep pace with new technologies.
  • Protecting children with food allergies while away at school.