Rep. Veach Co-Sponsors Bill to Address Juvenile Car Thefts

Posted on February 8, 2021

HARTFORD In an effort to increase public safety, State Representative Donna Veach (R-30) has co-sponsored a bill to address the uptick in juvenile car thefts across the state.

“The dramatic increase in car burglaries and auto theft in our state is out of hand,” Rep. Veach said. “Over the years, legislative policies have diminished criminal behavior and put our law-abiding citizens and law enforcement officers at risk. When you have a lax criminal justice system that allows repeat offenders to continue breaking the law without fear of criminal prosecution, offenders become more and more emboldened to continue this behavior.”

The bill, HB-5473, An Act Concerning Additional Methods and Resources to Deter Juvenile Auto Theft, would transfer second-degree and third-degree larceny or attempted larceny cases that involve a juvenile to the regular criminal docket. In addition, the proposal would also expand the circumstances that allow a juvenile to be detained, either physically or by use of a global positioning system prior to a court hearing, while also expanding the definition of “serious juvenile repeat offender” to include someone who has previously been charged for misdemeanor larceny offenses that involve a motor vehicle.

“There are currently several similar bill proposals from legislators in various communities throughout the state before the Judiciary Committee, my hope is that we can all work to put together meaningful legislation to tackle this important issue,” Rep. Veach said.