Crumbling Foundations Legislation, Signed into Law

Posted on July 10, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon


HARTFORD – According to State Rep. Kurt Vail (R-Stafford), the governor has just signed a new law that will make more resources available to those seeking assistance in the event of a crumbling foundation. The major component of this legislation was to redefine the state’s definition of a “residential home” and to provide incentives for utilizing new technology to fix effected structures.

“I’ve been indicating that this is an ongoing process since it was brought to my attention. This legislation shows the progression of where we are at with trying to get people the help they need to get back into their homes, or get them fixed,” said Rep. Vail. “The new law will change the definition of a residential home to include condominium units, comprised of four or more units, and other – larger buildings. This expands the programs that property owners are eligible to apply for.”

The bill language also requires the Housing Commissioner to establish a grant program that will be used to support the development of methods and technologies to reduce the average cost of repairing or replacing pyrrhotite damaged foundations.

“This is a good step in the right direction and I was pleased to have so much support from my colleagues on both sides of the aisle when it came up for consideration in the legislature this year. The law received overwhelming bipartisan support, which will go a long way in helping homeowners and property owners throughout North-Central Connecticut,” stated Rep. Vail.

To learn more about the new law, you can click here.