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Crumbling Foundations to be Addressed in Special Session

Posted on June 7, 2017 by Greg MacKinnon


HARTFORD – State Representative Kurt Vail (R-52) put forth an amendment on Wednesday morning that would require the legislature to consider the issue of crumbling foundations during Special Session.

“We didn’t get a budget done, so we are coming back for that. I think this issue fits into the purview of that scope as there is a financial consideration to the solution of crumbling foundations, which is why I put forth the amendment today” explained Rep. Vail. “With almost 20 individual pieces of legislation filed to address this issue during the regular session, it’s imperative that we debate and take action on it.”

The adjournment of the 2017 Legislative Session usually marks the end of all legislative business for that calendar year. However, the extenuating circumstances of a massive budget deficit have forced the session to be extended.

“We have more work to do on issues that affect Connecticut residents. This is my priority and I am pleased that the House Majority Leader Mathew Ritter has stated on the record that we will discuss the crumbling foundation issue when we return in the coming weeks,” concluded Vail.

Both parties have agreed to address crumbling foundations along with the larger budget shortfalls. A date for special session has not been set yet.