Rep. Tweedie Honors Constituent for Canine Search & Rescue Work

Posted on April 11, 2018 by admin


HARTFORDState Representative Mark Tweedie (R-13) was proud to honor a Glastonbury constituent – and staff member of his caucus Legislative Research Team – Bree Berner, today in the House Chamber at the State Capitol. Berner was recognized for her volunteer work with Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue (CCSAR) after she and her team members were presented with a “2017 Hero Award” by Suffield Volunteer Ambulance this past weekend.

Rep. Tweedie with Bree Berner, who is holding her “2017 Hero” Award, outside of the House Chamber.

The award was granted in recognition of Berner and her team’s assistance in a large-scale effort to locate a missing woman who became lost one night in the woods in Suffield in September 2017. Berner and her trained Curly-Coated Retriever, Sapphire, and Marian Beland of Somers and her trained Portuguese Water Dog, Ted, worked with multiple emergency response agencies and successfully located the woman with the help of their dogs. The victim was immediately tended to by medics and brought to the hospital for further care.

“Marian and I were very pleased to be honored in this way, both by Suffield Volunteer Ambulance and members of the legislature today,” said Berner. “It isn’t often that members of our team and their dogs are given public recognition; we were so glad to be able to help return this family member to safety.”

“I am very proud of Bree, an active and valued member of our Glastonbury community and a long-time dedicated supporter of the General Assembly!” said Rep. Tweedie, who has long supported CCSAR as part of Manchester’s Community Emergency Response Team. “They are so devoted to their work and I trust that their services will continue to save lives into the future. After attending numerous CCSAR training sessions and events myself, I can see that Manchester is very lucky to have these qualified volunteer resources at our disposal. Congratulations Bree, Marian, Sapphire and Ted!”

CCSAR currently has 20 volunteer professional search dogs on active duty. Now operating in its 24th year, this state-wide nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing a professional team response to all emergency service agency requests for lost, missing or drowned persons; advancing education in search and rescue; and offering support for families of lost and missing persons. They are a member of the National Association for Search and Rescue. To learn more about training sessions, joining CCSAR, or how to utilize their services, please visit